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The intelligence of the situation emanates from a global view, a major asset for decision-making. Artalia Invent helps you understand data and motivations of players with multiple challenges: Economic, Social, CSR, Digital.

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Your actions are part of a constantly interfering ecosystem. Artalia Invent optimizes your contribution by promoting synergies. Interdependence becomes a lever and an opportunity beneficial to all parties.

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Positive Impact

Performance is also measured in terms of positive impact on society and the environment. The resulting reputation is a determining factor of success. Artalia Invent ensures that your actions are consistent with the expected impact.

Over 25 years of experience

Georges Liarokapis, President of Artalia Invent, has a cross-functional knowledge of the company, in-depth experience in labor relations and social dialogue through numerous mandates, CSR expertise and governance experience (board member/certified director) acquired within a global company (L'Oréal). His background and international profile facilitate the understanding and consideration of cultural diversity.

The challenges linked to the environment and digital technology are changing the relationship to work and the way we are in the world. New legitimate aspirations are emerging that employees and companies are confronted with. Agility, open-mindedness, a multidisciplinary approach and new connections are needed to innovate, imagine and create the conditions for a sustainable and desirable future. This requires the stimulation of Intelligence individual and collective, to inspire its Ecosystem and strengthen its Positive Impact.

This is the ambition of 
Artalia Invent and my own as well.